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Welcome to Greenzone (UK) Ltd.

We pride ourselves on what we make and only sell what we would buy. Over the past few years we have become a market leader for key rings, necklaces, Xbox/PS bullet button modifications that Greenzone did invent using our custom made inserts. Greenzone also has a registered trade mark.

The Greenzone family are very hard working and pride ourselves on making the best items, so you will be amazed at the price and quality at the same time. Nearly all the items we sell we make at home in the UK which helps us provide prices to suit.

For all you xbox bullet buttons and playstation parts and mod kits come to Army Mad for army gear ammo accessories Green Zone army mad ps3 controllers xbox controllers spent bullets shells cases cartridges. The items for sale on this site are nearly all hand made by Greenzone Uk Ltd who have trade mark protection. If you do not see what you are after please let us know so we can help

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