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Red Tiger Controller Shell Mod Kit for Xbox One.
Replace your worn controller with an Xbox One hydro dipped red tiger controller shell. Easy to install and works exactly the same as the original shell. Each set comes with 1 front and back controller shell - LB/ RB triggers - LT/ RT triggers - 2 side paddles - battery cover - d-pad - start/ select buttons and reset button only. Inner circuit board is NOT included (this is NOT a working controller). Please be aware that June 2015 saw the release of a new Xbox One controller with a microphone socket. Due to changes to the inside of the controller the customer will have to use some of their own original buttons RT/LT RB/LB guide surround etc - and customise the bottom half of the shell by drilling a small hole for the head phone socket to fit. Please see our picture in this listing to check before buying. A security Torx T8 screwdriver required for fitting your item can be found on our site.
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Department: Xbox One
Section: Controllers
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